Rhino Dino!

My new favourite term. The kids are into dinos and what do you call a horned dino? Why a rhino dino of course! I suppose triceratops is a little difficult for a toddler's tongue to negotiate. My son picked up the term from his best mate who got into dinos before him (meanwhile my son in turn got his bud into robots). Now they both run around in circles laughing and shouting about robots and dinos and trucks. And ninjas. My obsession with ninjas had to flow into parenthood of course and 'Hello Ninja' is a nightly staple. I always ask my toddler, "so who is mama's ninja?" and he beamingly responds with his name. Now he just runs around the house screaming "ninja!" while I sit back and digest the results of good parenting. This angle of screaming words out has the potential to be quite compromising though. If you want to catch the pirate, cage the parrot and start typing. My son also loves to run around and shout "coffee" and "wine" in Serbian, which he understands are adult drinks. As soon as my son and his best buddy hear the sound of the grinder, they immediately and for some reason that still escapes me, excitedly, herald the coming of a new makeshift latte. Well, they are growing up in San Francisco, a city covered by one cappucco.

My husband and I know that nothing escapes our little tyrant - the panopticon is a real presence with a seismic scream and an overly loved bunny in his arms. Sometimes we forget to apply our own sage advice, such as the other day when I insouciantly called out to my husband to hide the rice we made from our elder son and only show him the veggies first, which consequence resulted in our son bounding into the kitchen from his room demanding rice and foiling my grand plan. I may be fond of ninjas, but one I am not.

My nearly five month old son has developed an interesting way to communicate. He gesticulates wildly and starts shrieking in a manner befitting the last wails of an expiring dinosaur. His little lungs sure have power. He seems utterly frustrated that he cannot communicate his will to us and in an effort to aid our communication with an admittedly equal desire to stop the wailing, I've started to use sign language. This worked well with our first and certainly didn't retard any lexical development. Stay tuned...


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