The Crush and the Crash

Oh, they do grow quick! We have known for some time now that our elder son, who is only 28 months, has had a full blown crush on his best friend's older sister. She in turn is enamoured with M and can't wait to babysit him, repeatedly asking her parents, our dear friends, whether she would be old enough when she turns 6 in a few months (the unsurprising answer remains the same). She is a very astute, precocious and quite sassy 5 year old (and of course very pretty). L is besotted. When she comes with her father to pick up her brother, he vies for her attention, bringing her various toys that unfortunately she has no interest in. Her lack of interest does not deter him one bit. When we went over the course of the day a few weeks ago, he excitedly told me that B came over with her dad to pick up her brother. I asked him if they spoke. With a buoyant smile he nodded and when I asked him what she said, he proudly disclosed "bye!"....and I had to keep a straight face. Oh, young love!

Yesterday, L took my phone and after making jokes about Raffi's "Banana-phone" song (a track I must have heard over a thousand times and maybe I'm being conservative), laughing that he was calling a banana, he donned a more solemn tone and asked me to call B. I asked why and he said he wanted to ask her to go to the playground with him. I explained that she didn't have a phone and he immediately had a plan B - call her dad! Well, that stumped me.

Meanwhile, our Little Tyrant still has dominion over our bed. We took his mattress out of the crib and put it next to ours in order to trick him into sleeping in his own bed, which has worked only when we initially put him to bed. After that, he not only wants our bed, but he wants us out of it. Possibly he has noted that his older brother has a queen bed and believes he should also be entitled to the same. The other night my husband and I were calculating whether we would get a better night's sleep if we gave him our bed and made a makeshift bed for ourselves in the living room, until we realized that it was time for us to unite in rebellion against our tyrannous regime. By one means or another, we will take over our bed...

He is also not finding food very palatable and continues at over 7 months to be exclusively nursed. I also pump more to give to L to hopefully harvest his gut bacteria after his long stint of prophylactic antibiotics. This has left me in a perpetual state of hunger. I would wager onlookers would be surprised how much my 110 lb frame could consume and how quickly (gone are the days when I could savour the sapour of food) - and I may well have untapped talents that I could use in Coney Island competitions. I woke up so ravenous the other night, I ate nearly a whole tub of yoghurt - and a few hours later, I was still famished! I suppose M is not going to be sustained solely on his mother's milk for much longer and probably when that time comes, I'm going to be nostalgic for this time, but right now, it's a little exhausting...particularly when compounded with pumping for my toddler, not sleeping and carrying my 7 month old while I stroll my toddler up and down SF hills and run around the playground..... but, then again, I chose the path I'm on and I love my boys. I do however fantasize about having one full night of uninterrupted sleep. That would be grand.


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