No 2!

I was a little surprised, rather flabbergasted, when I found out I was pregnant again earlier in the week. I thought I had the stomach bug going around.

My little is still shy of 13 months and I am still nursing him. Moreover, I had grand plans for next year, having only recently found a great nanny share with my friend for our two sons, started sleeping through the night (mostly) and slowly starting (quite probably as a consequence of added sleep) to feel like my old self again. I'm even wearing pre-pregnancy jeans again, albeit admittedly only the stretch pairs...and now, having not fully recovered my life from before my little guy exploded into my life nor my tummy (which I had hoped to lose when I stopped breastfeeding), nor having returned my body to full ownership, a little poppyseed appeared and is growing. I suppose if we waited and returned to our previous productive lives, another little one may cause us shellshock anew with their explosion, just like our first, whereas we are still in baby mode and thus more prepared.

Everything is still too early too tell, but if everything goes right, 2016 is shaping up to very different- and much more full - than we thought.

I originally wanted to nurse my son until 18 months and I know some mothers do continue nursing throughout pregnancy and even in tandem, but I will try and wean in the second trimester. So far, I'm still nursing and intend to nurse until he is 15 months (and my second trimester begins). We'll see how I go...I'm not ready to let go and nor is he.

While it was the late period that gave the final clue (my previous pregnancy enlightening me to the fact that being pregnant feels like your menstruation is coming from an extended period), I noticed I was very hot and sweaty at night, extremely tired and sleepy and waking up ravenous at 4 am. Every pregnancy is meant to be different, but so far, mine looks pretty similar in effect.

The most difference has been the nausea. I've had incapacitating nausea or evening sickness (since for me it always starts at the end of the day, which is a somewhat blessing) every night... and the good old second trimester seems so far away....

I wonder if it's another boy or a girl...

Definitely better than any stomach bug!


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